Business Start-Ups

Starting a business can be one of the most overwhelming tasks imaginable.  "Where do I start!?"  "What do I do to make sure I don't get into trouble?"  "How do I register my business?"  These are some of the questions every entrepreneur has asked themselves while going through this process.  These are also some of the questions that caused a lot of entrepreneurs not to start their businesses.

TOPP Business Services was started to help entrepreneurs; and give them the support they need to keep the passion for their business, even though the daunting start-up period.  We work alongside entrepreneurs to start up sustainable businesses by working with them to build proper foundations their businesses are built on.  Some of our Start-up services include:

  • Business registration (sole proprietorship & corporation)
  • GST, PST, & Payroll registration
  • Business plan development
  • Marketing plan development
  • Budgeting
  • Goal setting
  • SWOT analysis

Existing Business Development

We work with two main categories of existing businesses:

1) businesses that are succeeding in their industry, but want to improve on that success and dominate the market through better efficiency and productivity; or 2) businesses that are either struggling or have hit that glass ceiling and want to better their company and breakthrough.  Some of the services we provide to existing businesses are:

  • Goal Setting
  • Business plan development
  • Marketing plan development
  • Budgeting & knowing your numbers
  • Business structures & systems set-up & development
  • Growth development
  • Cash flow strategies & management
  • Employee management

Continual Development & Management

Our company was built on the one belief that businesses and business owners are lacking affordable, continued support in the business.  TBS offers all of our services on a continuing basis, as well as the following growth services:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annually business review
  • Quarterly financial statement review
  • Annual goal setting
  • Annual business & marketing plan review & revision